Our Office

Our system is in the cloud

Our clients interact with the accounting system primarily in the cloud. We offer a google-apps based operations portal, which hosts all of the forms and information needed to manage payment of bills, record of deposits, and offers  a wide variety of other tools. We know the cloud is the future, and are happy to take advantage of the efficiency, security, and convenience it offers our clients.

Our Location is Central

We do most of our work from our own office, and generally visit our clients at their location once or twice every week or two. Regular in-person contact helps us stay in the loop, and gives us the opportunity to talk things through face to face whenever needed. Our office is located at 333 SE 2nd Ave, Portland OR 97214.


Our record keeping system is entirely digital, and backed up.

Jack is a natural leader with a knack for creative thinking and spirited outreach. He is able to bring together all sorts of people into a collaborative group.

Rachael King

Director, Village Free School

Jack has a solid understanding of financial processes as they relate to nonprofits. His passion for the work is apparent, and he is an asset to any organization he works with.

Cameron Mathews

Operations Manager, Basic Rights Oregon

Jack is smart, thorough, and detail-oriented. In other words, he’s precisely who you want to help make your organization hum.

Matt Singer

Executive Director , The Bus Federation

Jack is one of the smartest, hardworking, trustworthy and level-headed people I have ever worked with. Encouraging the Bus Project to hire Jack was one of the best things I did for the organization.

Mariana Lindsay

Program & Communications, Center for Women, Politics & Policy