Keeping the Books

We provide the accounting system and expertise necessary to track financial activity in a way that makes reporting to stakeholders, funders, and public agencies easy. System maintenance, account reconciliations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and restricted fund management are the bread-and-butter of what we do.


We come armed with experience, templates, and the educated-guess-wizardry it takes to develop strong budget plans. We customize our approach to match the needs of each client, because one size does not fit all, and the considerations our clients need to bring to their budgets are as varied as their missions.

Training and Consultation

Teaching our clients how to read reports, how to understand financial information, and how to be good financial managers is a part of what we do. We are not a hands off bookkeeping firm. We are a hands on partner in increasing the financial management capacity of our clients, so that they become better managers through working with us.

Audit Support

We are not a CPA firm, so we do not provide audit services. We do work as an intermediary between our clients and their auditor, and can often alleviate or erase the administrative burden our clients face when tax or audit time arrives.

990's and Tax

We offer IRS-990 preparation services only to our regular bookkeeping clients. The simple fact that we already have all our client’s financial information handy means preparation of tax and informational returns goes smoothly. Our rates for 990’s are typically 25% to 50% less than other providers. We handle our client’s informational returns 1099 for no additional charge.


We offer full service payroll to our clients, including state and federal payroll tax filing, direct deposit, electronic pay-stub access, and vacation accruals support.

501c3 / 501c4 / PAC? No Problem

In addition to specializing in financial management for non profits, we especially specialize in multi-entity management. That means we can support your organization in accounting and budgeting even if you’re structure requires complex inter organizational allocations and billings. What’s more, we give your additional entities a discount on services, so that having three entities doesn’t triple your accounting costs.