Meet Jack Mesplay

Jack is a native of Portland, Oregon, and a believer in the power of good people. After beginning his professional life as an educator, where he learned conflict resolution and skilled communication through trial by fire, Jack switched tracks to begin working in non-profit administration.

After serving several years in a multitude of capacities, including as Executive Director of a small organization, and then as Financial Manager of a five entity non-profit conglomerate, Jack began offering administrative services to a wide range of organizations in 2013.

Jack MesplayJack received a degree in accounting from Portland State University, is an IRS Enrolled Agent, and is experienced in group decision making, administration, class-room teaching, and strategic planning.

Jack doesn’t work alone, though, and depends on the support of several mentors, consultants, and colleagues to deliver the solutions his clients need. If you’re interested in getting into the sort of work that he’s doing, or if your organization needs a helping hand, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meet Zach Olson:

Zach grew up in Gresham, Oregon, and has been best friend to Jack since the third grade. After receiving his associates degree from Mount Hood Community College, he spent several years working in technical theatre for a handful of local  companies, and generally tried his hand at whatever work sparked his interest. Zach joined our efforts in 2014 and has since taken a lead in managing many of the day to day technical aspects of our work.

We operate on a nearly paperless basis thanks to the system of web portals, secure forms, and document digitization Zach maintains. He also supports many of our bookkeeping and reporting tasks. Zach is a reputable wizard when it comes to board games and puzzles, which makes him uniquely suited for the sort of sleuthing and problem solving our work sometimes requires. Simply put, he has a knack for solving problems and making things balance.