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Full charge bookkeeping at a predictable and affordable rate.

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Planning for the future is essential to strong financial management, and we can help.

Administrative Support

There’s more to smooth operation than just good bookkeeping.

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We work exclusively with non-profit organizations. They are in business to change the world, and we’re here to help.

Our System

Our system is online, flexible, and easy to use.

Our People

Our team is small and mighty.

Our Services

We help with accounting, budgeting, and administration. We also do training, consultation, and projects.

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Our statement of purpose:
Nobody starts a non-profit because they hope to get rich, and they definitely don’t start one because they’re thrilled about administration and accounting. Non-profits are started because someone has decided to do something about a problem nobody else is stepping up to solve. We’re here to help our clients stay focused on their mission by providing excellent accounting, budgeting, and administrative support. We view our work as an extension of the work of our clients, and view their mission as our own.